More and more people are choosing to run their own successful limited companies or work as a freelancer, enjoying the freedom and sense of achievement this provides. For many it also provides the opportunity to earn a higher rate of income and achieve a better financial vision for the future.


A1 AccounTax provides proactive tax advice, payroll services, VAT returns, business management accounts and business advice for both start-up businesses and established companies no matter what industry they may be in or the size of the business.


We have a friendly team of qualified and experienced experts who specialise in various accountancy fields and all are on hand to provide advice and practical solutions relating to business finance and accounts.

Please look through the industries we cater for to discover how we can help your individual business to increase profit margins and save money.


Under the below industries headings there should only be couple 


Contractors and free lancers


Perhaps due to changes in corporate working practices, there has been an increase in self employed contractors, limited contracting companies and freelancers. Moving from a secure employment to going it alone can be a daunting prospect but here at A1 AccounTax we have years of experience in dealing with contractors and freelancers 


Doctors and Medical Professional


We fully understand how the medical profession has unique needs and requirements to other professions which is why our specialist team can offer you a wide range of accountancy services specifically for doctors and GPs which include annual accounts, self assessments, tax advice, bookkeeping and more. Our services extend to all areas of the medical profession 




If you'd rather be dealing with a tooth abscess than your tax affairs then we recommend A1 AccounTax for cleaner, brighter and healthier accounts. We take the pain out of self assessments and VAT returns, leaving you to get on with the important job of brightening the nation's smile! Our specialist accounts deal with a wide range of dentists and clients within the dental profession


Restaurant, Bars and Hotels


In an increasingly highly competitive market, service providers must discover ways in which they can manage their costs and increase productivity. Outsourcing your accounts can help you pinpoint ways in which you can successfully drive down your costs and monitor monthly results which can help you to drive the business forward 


Letting Agents and Landlords


Many people may own investment properties that they are letting out yet they remain unaware of the often complex income tax and capital gains issues which may arise. Further complications can occur with the rules in place around property trading and renovation. Without some knowledge of the current legislation which can affect letting agents and landlords